What learners say about the distinctive Bible teaching at First Baptist Philomath…

“I am so excited to be learning about the truths found beyond the cross – that Jesus is so much more than my savior – he’s my LIFE.  We are so incredibly blessed by our position in Christ when we take these dispensational truths being taught in this class and appropriate them through faith.  ‘…rightly dividing the word of truth’ (2Tim. 2:15) has been an eye-opener with many “ah-ha” moments!”

“Our Wednesday night Bible study has driven me to a deeper understanding of the Word.  Our studies have broken down all the walls of “legalism + grace” and replaced it with the message of total Grace, literally brick upon brick of understanding.  Even if I don’t understand everything all at once, God gently knits together His Word for me so that the unsearchable riches are mine for the taking!!  Thank you Jesus!!”

“Pastor Clay’s teaching has brought me from being a Christian in bondage, to knowing just a few of the unsearchable riches of my position (in heaven) in Christ.”

“My eyes have opened to the confusion I’d been under from evangelicalism that mixes the church with Israel, thus shackling believers to law and earth. What joy to focus here on our union with the glorified Christ! I see such hunger for the Word and real spiritual vitality—what faith unleashes!”